Moving Expenses Janet Rodina asked 1 year ago
Moving Expenses

I will be moving back to my rebuilt home in Superior Co after the Marshall Fire. My State Farm adjuster told me today that the moving expenses will come out of my Category B (Personal Property) bucket. It seems to me that it should be ALE coverage since I am moving the household belongings that I accrued this last year in my rental to my rebuilt home because I had to adjust my living to live in a rental until my house is rebuilt. Even though a number of the items I have accrued are replacement items of personal content, the cost of moving them back to my rebuilt home sure seems like and ALE expense. Please advise.

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Scott deLuise Scott deLuise Expert answered 1 year ago

I understand your predicament, and it is something we run into on a regular basis. While most insurers generally try to attach moving expenses to the items that are being moved (attaching the expenses to move your personal property to your personal property coverage), an argument can most certainly be made that this should be classified as additional living expenses. Most State Farm policies defines additional living expenses, in part, as, “the reasonable and necessary increase in cost incurred by an insured to maintain their normal standard of living.” Since your normal standard of living does not include moving your personal property, en masse, it can be argued that this is an additional living expense and not a cost to repair or replace damaged personal property.

Please let UP know if this helps you. There are quite a few scenarios in this industry that can supplement this argument, and we’re interested in knowing the outcome for you.