Reasonable Match Natalie Adams asked 10 months ago
Reasonable Match

Hail has damaged my siding. The siding I have is a rough texture that has been discontinued and my contractor hasn’t been able to find anything that matches. He found who made it and what type it is and now it is a much more smooth finish. My insurance adjuster first claimed that it seemed like the new product would constitute a reasonable match and read to me from some internal document what is considered a reasonable match in Colorado. I asked him to send me the wording, which he didn’t. I supplied more pictures and documentation to show that the patch job would be very obvious and decrease the value of my house and doesn’t fit the definition of what a reasonable match is that he read to me. When I called the next day to follow up he again refused to send me the wording from the previous day and said that he found new information regarding Colorado and there is nothing about reasonable match and that my policy only says it has to replace what was damaged so he was denying my supplement to replace more siding to return my property to the value it was before the loss. This seems unethical to me to change their stance and refuse to provide me with verbage they are using. What is the general approach to matching?

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Jade Bentz Jade Bentz Expert answered 10 months ago

Good Day Natalie,

Unfortunately the matching issue is becoming more of an issue nationwide and insurance companies are taking a hard line approach. It varies by policy and by state. Some policies specifically address it by limiting the coverage on the declarations to a certain $ amount or excluding it all together. The homeowner’s policies have also started adding language that says they do not cover any type of dimunition of value following a loss (which would extend to mismatched building components). I would check your policy for both of these. Absent these you have a stronger argument that you are entitled to be returned to equal to or better than you were pre-loss condition (which was not mismatched).

Either way though, they most definitely should provide you their position according to the policy AND the basis of their position in writing. You are entitled to this. I would not hesitate to escalate it to management if he is refusing. If they continue to refuse you could consider contacting the department of insurance and let them know that the carrier is partially denying your claim but not providing you any policy language or statutes as to why. They would launch an inquiry. This may take some time though so hopefully the escalation to management will provide the information.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.