Strategy (file format and timing) for submitting full property list? marc asked 2 years ago
Strategy (file format and timing) for submitting full property list?

Our personal property list for our destroyed home is almost done–we’re at about twice our property limit (including deprecation) and have completed our own excel spreadsheet. Is it better to submit our excel file or save as a PDF, and is it better to submit asap or wait until we’re closer to the deadline (which is Dec 30, 2022)?

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Katie Goodrich Katie Goodrich Expert answered 2 years ago


Thanks for your question. Congratulations on completing your personal property inventory – that is quite the process. I would suggest that you submit both the Excel file and a PDF as well. Your insurance adjuster will probably want to import the data into their own format. This can be confusing because it’s hard to see what they change or delete. Ask that any changes the adjuster makes be noted in a different font color so that you can track what changes are made.

Submit the inventory as soon as possible. The adjuster will likely come back with further questions and you might remember more items later on in the process, so best to get the initial submission in early to avoid running up against the deadline and causing further stress in what I’m sure has already been a very stressful time.

Since we’re all human, you may want to include a disclaimer in your submission that you filled in the inventory to the best of your recollection and ability.

If you have further questions, feel free to get in touch.

All the best,

Katie Goodrich