Tenants and landlord Aqulina Balingit asked 8 months ago
Tenants and landlord

I have been a tenant for 30 years and all payments are paid. My landlord passed away and I ask we suffer having no hot water for 1 year and unfinished remodel job the landlord did before passed away. I am seeking help as a disabled person who can’t make requests or to keep my family safe from bed bugs, roaches and big rats and who to report the matter no landlord and we are senior people who are on disability experiencing discrimination, harassment in the apartment building I live at. Please support me, because I can be somewhere else that is safe and no discrimination.

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Answer for Tenants and landlord United Policyholders Staff answered 6 months ago

Dear Aqulina,

We are very sorry to hear about your current rental situation. Not having hot water for a year and having to suffer with bed bugs, roaches, and rats is extremely hard and you deserve a functional and safe living situation.

Unfortunately, United Policyholders is not specifically designed to assist renters with apartment habitability issues not related to insurance. That said, we can direct you to these resources detailing your rights to a habitable living situation:

Given the seriousness of your situation, you may also want to consider finding an attorney to help you. Depending on where you live in California, you can use this list of pro bono legal services organizations to look for a group in your area that may be able to assist you.