Three years displaced from F4 tornado jennifer hall asked 6 months ago
Three years displaced from F4 tornado

3-25-2021 F4 Tornado came through my town in Newnan, GA. I have a very solid homeowners policy in which it would cover everything and then some. Well, after my PA found asbestos in Sept 2021 he reached out to a biohazard chemical clean up company that cleans up according to OSHA and EPA standards and guidelines. State Farm wanted to just pay and have the one wall patched up. According to the law if it’s a continuous area it must be removed.

The estimate was given to SF in Nov. 2021 to remove all asbestos from my home and that’s when the stalling began. SF took until May 2022 to approve the estimate and then never paid for the job after completion! I had to write a check out of my account for the balance. Then, in May 2022 when Biorestore came out to refamiliarize themselves with the job from Nov 2021 they noticed significant damage with more exposed asbestos due to the lack of any work or progress made to my home to protect it from the elements and then they legally had to make another assesment and estimate of repairs in addition to the first job they were approved to do. This estimate took SF until Dec 2022 (7 months) to decide on an amount to approve to begin and complete the final asbestos job.

In Feb 2023 my builder was finally able to submit his first and only estimate of repairs to my home and begin repairs. March 2023 SF cut me off of all ALE. (24 months) because the policy states I have only 2 years to complete the repairs. SF took 1 years in total of my time to approve estimates of repairs and I am now left homeless, broke, broken, and have no means of paying for my 2 storage units with everything in them!

I’ve complained 2 times to the State insurance commissioner. I retained a law firm after 15 months but my policy only allows me 1 yr to sue them unless its a fire then I have 2 yrs. SF has gotten several of my emails and never responded to me. They have mishandled my claim to the point of bad faith on many levels. It also appears as though they won’t be giving me any RCV when the home is completed because it wasn’t done within 2 yrs! I desperately need some guidance and advice on what to do next. I have detailed documentation both hand written, recorded, and emails and text to back up all of my complaints over the last 3 yrs.

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United Policyholders Staff answered 4 months ago

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for reaching out to United Policyholders. We’re so sorry to hear about this complicated, stressful situation and apologize for the delay in responding to you. There are federal laws requiring asbestos testing and removal in connection with home repairs. Given that you have retained an attorney, it’s important that they be experienced in insurance and property damage matters – We have one sponsor in Georgia who definitely fits that bill – you can confer with him and determine next steps. His name is David Boohaker:

Best of luck,
Team UP