Vehicle total loss prior to registration Hillary Sullivan asked 1 year ago
Vehicle total loss prior to registration

I bought my first brand new vehicle last year in which I paid $20k and got an auto loan for around $13k. Unfortunately the vehicle was totaled shortly after when someone rear-ended me on the interstate. I am in Missouri, and the vehicle still had temporary tags. The insurance company representing the at fault driver did pay off my loan but will not release my direct payment until they receive the vehicle title. This would not be an issue except that I’m not in a financial position to pay the thousands due in sales tax as injuries sustained from this accident have prevented me from working. Do I have any options to be made whole?

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Answer for Vehicle total loss prior to registration United Policyholders Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Hillary,

Sorry to hear about this situation. Since the other driver was at fault, and you were out of work because of the accident, our advice is to consider hiring a local personal injury lawyer. That person can help you recover any funds due to you, including any lost wages. We list one Missouri-based attorney on our website:

Please note that UP strives to help consumers who are seeking qualified and reliable professional help, but we cannot warrant the work or services of professionals, even if they are listed in our Find Help directory or serving as volunteers with our organization. We encourage you to check references and thoroughly vet before hiring.