Verification that carpet and pad plus upholstered furniture needs to be replaced United Policyholders Staff asked 3 years ago
Verification that carpet and pad plus upholstered furniture needs to be replaced

Who do we need to support our feeling that we need to replace the carpet, pad, and soft furniture?

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Don A. Lesser, Esq. Don A. Lesser, Esq. Expert answered 3 years ago

I assume that you’re referring to smoke damage to the furnishings and carpet. If so, he first step, if it hasn’t happened already, is for the insurer to send an adjuster to inspect the damage. You should of course photograph any visual damage. You should point out to the adjuster, and try to get the adjuster to agree, to the existence of the damage to the carpet and each item of furniture. The next question will be whether any of the items can be cleaned as opposed to replaced. A more generous carrier will usually replace carpets, padding and soft furnishings when the smoke has been pervasive, the more aggressive ones won’t, at least not without a fight. If you have the latter, and can’t get satisfaction after a written demand explaining how pervasive the damage is and why cleaning won’t return you to your pre-loss position, I suggest you get a letter from professional carpet and furniture cleaners — try to get one from one from an established and well known company — explaining why the items can’t be cleaned in a way that restores them to their pre-fire condition. You may also be able to find authoritative resources on line on this issue. Restoring your items to their pre-loss condition is critical because your policy requires the insurer to put your property back in its pre-loss condition and to replace it if it can’t. I hope I’ve provided some useful information. Good luck.