Water mitigation company exacerbated an issue mollieqa asked 2 years ago
Water mitigation company exacerbated an issue

Our Insurance company recommended a water mitigation company on their behalf. The water mitigation company exacerbated an issue. Is this relationship between the insured and water mitigation company or is this relationship between the insurer and water mitigation?

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Karl Susman Karl Susman Expert answered 2 years ago

Hi –

Water damage losses are awful, so sorry you are dealing with this. When an insurer recommends a vendor, recommend being the key here, in most cases you are not required to utilize them. If you do, then the relationship is between you and the water remediation company. Having said that, I would certainly push back to the insurer if they referred you, and ask that they intervene since the referral came from them.

Hope that is useful for you.

Karl Susman