Book Review: Polarizing the Case, by Rick Friedman

Polarizing the Case by Rick Friedman

This is a book for trial lawyers written by one of the most successful trial lawyers in the United States. But anyone who has ever been a victim of an insurance company’s tactics designed to deny or underpay a legitimate claim might also find it interesting.

The lesson of the book is simple. In Friedman’s words, “If you even suspect the defense may try to imply your client is faking or exaggerating, you must put on your armor, pick up your sword, and charge into battle.” According to Friedman, they have thrown down “the gauntlet.” The purpose of his book is to teach you how to recognize this technique, “pick it up and then stuff it down their throats.”

Through clear and specific instructions, Friedman seems to promise trial attorneys that not only can they win, even in today’s “tort reform” and lawyer bashing environment, but that they might also have fun doing it.

Everything about this book is inviting. Friedman’s style is simple and to the point, the typeface is clear, and the reader comes away believing that there may be a chance to level the playing field. For any attorney who has ever had their client accused of malingering or exaggerating, this book is a must read. In fact, maybe a second reading would be a good idea as well. — Reviewed by Alice J. Wolfson, Esq.