The UPHELP Home Inventory App


Feb 2019 UPdate:  Encircle (the UP Help Home Inventory app developer) is no longer able to donate the UP Help Home Inventory app service to United Policyholders.  UP thanks them for offering this service free of charge for 4 years.  

Please be assured that your Home Inventory and data will still be saved and available – ALL of your data is already in the Encircle cloud and nothing will be lost.  Your next step is to download the Encircle app (free of charge).  Currently the UPHelp Home Inventory app and Encircle app are identical in their functionality.  

In our decades of working with disaster victims we have seen over and over how time-consuming and emotionally painful it is to prepare the detailed loss inventories that insurers and the IRS require. And, especially after a traumatic loss, it’s impossible to remember everything you had, so most people never collect their full insurance benefits.  Anyone who has an inventory they prepared before their loss has a huge advantage in the recovery process.  Hopefully, you’ll never need your inventory, but if you do, you’ll be so glad you created it.

United Policyholders offers two tools to help you get the job done:

You can download and use our free UPHelp Home Inventory app in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store OR customize our UP Inventory Spreadsheet tool on any computer or by printing it out and completing it by hand.  Use whichever tool you prefer.

Our app tool gives you an easy and fast way to document your property and securely store the records.  Use it to take photos and enter basic information to create an organized visual record of your possessions and property.  Very quickly you can build a complete inventory including furnishings, artwork, jewelry, appliances, electronics, music, video and book collections and the features of a home. Add as much detail to your inventory as you want with no data storage limits.

Download our free app in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.  We thank Paul Donald and Encircle, Inc. for creating and donating the UPHelp Inventory App to our non-profit organization for public use.

NOTE:  You can also use the UPHelp Home Inventory App to create your contents inventory after a loss.  You can build your list with information from memory, any available pre-loss pictures you or friends and neighbors may have of your pre-loss home.  Because the app quickly and easily links you to websites that contain price info for specific items, you can use it pre and post loss to document and value your personal property.

How to inventory your home using the UPHelp Home Inventory App:

  • Take 6 – 10 photos of the outside of your home. Be sure you capture all structural elements.
  • Take 4 or more photos of each room capturing the inside of cupboards and closets.  There is no limit to the amount of photos you can take per room, the imperative is to make sure you’ve captured everything of value.
  • Add assets via two methods:
    1. Click the add asset button and add assets one at a time
    2. Long press on room photo and use our “Tap” feature to add multiple assets at a time.  The second option allows you to focus on capturing all your room photos and then building your asset list from the photos after they’ve all been taken.
  • Click the checklist (add icon) to add additional details for each asset.

What do you need to know about UPHelp Home Inventory?

The App is structured just like your property. Properties contain rooms and rooms contain assets.

There are only three key functions you need to know to use the app effectively:

  • Swiping gestures allow you to move from picture to picture and scroll up and down.
  • Tapping on a property, room, or asset will bring you into that property, room, or asset.
  • Long press (holding your finger down on an item) will give you access to additional content and functions.

You can access your account via any mobile device running the UPHelp mobile app or through the web

The home inventory checklist allows you to efficiently add details to the inventory.

The Export function allows you to quickly export their inventory to both a spreadsheet and formatted pdf document.

UPHelp Home Inventory FAQ’s:

Who has access to your data? Only you and the Encircle System Administrator (for support purposes only).

What info is required? UPHelp Home Inventory does not require you to add any personal data such as name and address and we strip any geo location data from photos.

Where is your data stored? Your data is stored in highly stable, secure, and geographically diverse Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers.  Using an advanced cipher suite, the security protocols are stronger than most financial institutions.