High Park and Waldo Canyon Wildfire Help

An open letter from one fire survivor to another

UP offers tips and info from previous disaster survivors and from experts on insurance claims, legal matters and the rebuilding/repair process. Here are the insurance claim and recovery help resources that United Policyholders offers to residents of Colorado.

To find information on specific topics, please visit the Claim Help Library and use our “search” box.  We also offer educational workshops and long term recovery services after natural disasters (subject to funding and community support).  If we are offering educational workshops or events in your area, you will find times, topics and locations below.

New in the UP Library: Dropped by your insurer: Information for Colorado Residents

Claim Help Library
Read tips and information on insurance claims, legal matters and the rebuilding/repair process. For additional help resources specific to Colorado, visit the Colorado State Help page.

Recovery Tools and Resources

If your home or rental has been damaged or destroyed and you would like any of the free tools listed below, e-mail a current mailing address to info@uphelp.org or send in the Roadmap to Recovery Tools Request Form.

  • The Disaster Recovery Handbook/Household Inventory Guide:
    Since 2006 “The Disaster Recovery Handbook and Household Inventory Guide”  has been a trusted book that’s led thousands of people through the process of overcoming obstacles to repairing and rebuilding after a major loss.  The book is written in plain language by disaster survivors for disaster survivors with tips and expert advice from legal, insurance and personal finance professionals.
  • The Roadmap to Recovery Organizer Kit:
    includes the essential tools for staying organized and recovering financially from serious property damage or loss.  Each kit contains a diary/notebook, essential tips and guidance, business card holders, a pouch for receipts and a messenger bag.
  •  Home Inventory Flashdrives: 
    Most disaster survivors must prepare an itemized and detailed inventory list of every single item they lost in order to recover insurance monies and/or claim tax losses.  Creating this inventory is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks survivors must complete on the road to recovery.  To ease this burden, UP created a home inventory flash drive that’s pre-loaded with helpful content and is easy to use.
  • Support from Previous Disaster Survivors
    Confidential emotional support, insurance and rebuilding tips from previous catastrophic loss victims/survivors through the United Policyholders Disaster Survivor Support Network (“DSSN”) For a list of and contact info for available DSSN recovery mentors, please email your request to info@uphelp.org and put “DSSN” in the subject line.
  • Expert Answers to Your Questions
    The “Ask an Expert” tool is an easy and safe way to ask direct questions to attorneys, claims professionals and previous disaster survivors who serve as UP volunteers and get the answers you need. The expert doesn’t see your contact info, but you can contact them if you want to follow up on their answer. Use this link to visit the forum.