Earthquake Recovery Outreach

The recent earthquake in Haiti raised awareness about the devastation that earthquakes can inflict on communities, and our hearts go out to all the victims. But the extensive media coverage of the Haiti quake overshadowed the fact that a 6.5 earthquake in Eureka, California also took place in early January. While not on the same scale of human misery and ruin as the Haiti quake, the Eureka quake caused $28 million of damage.

Very few Eureka homeowners will collect insurance money to pay for repairs. This is because few people currently carry earthquake coverage and of those who do, damage will rarely exceed the high deductible (15% in most policies).

UP reached out in Eureka by distributing a special flier through the Humboldt County Chapter of the American Red Cross. We sent claim recovery tips for those whose property was damaged and who have insurance, and buying/preparedness tips for those who had no quake insurance but may now want to buy it.

The only upside of these recent quakes is that they help us get our preparedness messages heard: Don’t let the next disaster catch you unprepared: Inventory your home, take steps to make it more resistant to damage and, do some simple math to decide whether buying earthquake insurance is right for you. Click here to read our earthquake insurance buying and preparedness tips.