In praise of a policyholder hero – Cal Thur

Chip Merlin, a policyholder hero himself, alerted me that we’ve recently lost a champion – Cal Thur.  I was introduced to Cal by the late, great Eugene Anderson many moons ago, and he was an important United Policyholders volunteer and supporter. Cal was a highly effective and dedicated policyholder attorney.  He kept UP informed on developments in insurance law in Arizona and throughout the country.  He wrote our amicus brief in the Haisch case, (where we alerted the court that an insurance company should not be allowed to sell med-pay coverage without informing the insured that if they are covered by an HMO, the med-pay coverage is worthless), and several others.  He made sure UP weighed in in the landmark case of Zilisch v. State Farm.  Cal mentored several generations of policyholder attorneys and will be missed.  Thank you, Cal, rest in peace.