Insurance workshop aims to help those affected by recent disasters.

MONTECITO, Calif. – A non-profit organization is helping those who are affected by the Montecito mudflow and Thomas fire as they deal with a huge part of recovery.
United Policy Holders hosted a workshop Tuesday night at the Montecito Union School. Its goal is to focus on the challenges many are dealing with when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.
“Insurance turns out to be fraught with all kinds of fine print and legality, and when there is big dollars at issue, people typically need some help,” said speaker, Amy Bach.
Eliane Samson is a thirty-year Montecito resident and lost the contents inside her home during the debris flow.
She attended Tuesday’s meeting to learn the best practices when dealing with her insurance company.
“They are definitely giving me the runaround,” said Samson. “It’s tiring to fight.”
Dozens who attended the meeting are in the same position as Samson.
“it’s overwhelming,” said Bach.
It’s a complex issue many are faced with in the aftermath of a catastrophe caused by Mother Nature.

Don’t be surprised when things get accomplished

“Even with all of that loss and all of that pain, you can get back on your feet, and you will get back on your feet,” said Bach. “We’re here to give them confidence and give them as much reassurance as we can.”
United Policy Holders is also conducting a survey meant to measure the level at which residents impacted by the disaster are engaging with insurance providers.
To access that survey, click here.