Know Thy Risks

Californians can find out about potential hazards near your home or workplace through the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services here:  Once your hazards are identified, this website will give you action steps to make sure you and your family are better prepared when disaster strikes, no matter where you may find yourselves.

Example: United Policyholders’ office (381 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94104)

We are in or near an Earthquake Hazard and are subject to:

  • High Ground Shaking Intensity
  • Earthquake-Induced Landslide Hazard zone
  • Liquefaction Seismic Hazard zone

Action steps provided (each step links to a “how to” page that provides further instructions)

  • Secure your tall furniture and bookcases
  • Secure wall-mounted objects
  • Secure objects on open shelves and table tops
  • Secure Computers and electronics

Non-California Residents
Residents of all 50 states can read about how to protect themselves from different types of disasters on the FEMA website:  They can also assess their personal flood risk by entering their mailing address here.

Remember, the more you do before a natural disaster, the better off you will be afterward.

Inventory Your Home

As a homeowner or apartment dweller, it is easy to imagine how devastated you would feel if you suddenly lost your home to a fire or another natural disaster, and how challenging the recovery process would be.UP is happy to offer a new preparedness tool, the Home Inventory Flash Drive, to help homeowners stay one step ahead of Mother Nature by documenting their household belongings before disaster strikes.  The flash drive contains comprehensive spreadsheets listing common household items, organized according to rooms of your house.  Links are also provided to United Policyholders’ tried-and-tested preparedness and loss mitigation tips.

The valuable preparedness tool is free for a limited time to anyone who makes a donation to United Policyholders in the amount of $10 or more.  Contact UP at (415) 393-9990 or to get yours today!