Resources: “Last Chance” Webinar Before April Sandy Deadline

Thank you for attending the “Last Chance” Webinar Before April Sandy Deadline.  Here you will find the resources referenced in the webinar:

Sandy NFIP Claim Help “Last Chance” Webinar: 3/26/14 at 12:30pm EST


Amy Bach, Executive Director, United Policyholders

David Charles, Master Claims Consulting

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NYRising Application Deadline: April 11th, 2014

Touro Law Center Walk-in Clinics

NFIP Forms: 

  • The Standard “Proof of Loss” form details the value of your claim.  Even if your insurance adjuster already had you sign and submit a Proof of Loss, that form may be deemed “courtesy only,” and chances are it undervalued your loss, especially if you submitted it early on.  You will need to submit another version of this form that details what you believe to be the full value of your losses and claim, with supporting documentation, signed/sworn by you.  It does not need to be notarized but if you feel safer having it notarized, that’s fine.  Line 9 relates to the depreciated value of your claim.   FEMA Form #86-0-9
  • The “Increased Cost of Compliance Proof of Loss” is the form you file to claim and recover expenses related to complying with building codes, including elevation requirements.  An NFIP policy provides up to  $30,000 for eligible “elevation, flood-proofing, relocation, or demolition.”  FEMA Form #86-0-10
  • The “Statement as to Full Cost of Repair or Replacement,” is the form you complete, along with your full actual or estimated costs to rebuild, repair, or replace the property. FEMA Form #86-0-12

NFIP Bulletins: 

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Supplemental Proof of Loss Preparation Help: Master Claims Consultants
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