Slow as molasses in January? MS residents deserve insurance fairness

After Hurricane Katrina decimated communities in his home state of Mississippi, concerned citizen Kevin Buckel was outraged to learn that the average insurance payout to the victims was only $15,000 – far below what people needed to repair, rebuild and recover.  He looked around at the empty lots and lingering debris, teamed up with UP and worked for years to pressure lawmakers in his home state to more aggressively require insurers to treat claimants fairly.  (See also: Storm of Money: Small insurance reform groups along U.S. coast take on industry Goliaths.)

UP in coordination with Merlin Law Group, fought for case law that would help MS consumers get the full insurance benefits they pay for.  UP’s work pressuring the MS Department of Insurance is ongoing.

Deborah Trotter, Merlin Law Group’s lead attorney in Mississippi, explains how things have played out in the MS. legislature and Department of Insurance regulations since Kevin began his work: