United Policyholders and Cy Pres Awards

When consumer class action lawsuits resolve, it is not uncommon for counsel to have difficulty locating class members.  A cy pres award may then be given to a non-profit organization that advances the goals of the underlying case. With over 30 years of experience as an advocate and information source for insurance consumers, United Policyholders is an ideal cy pres recipient for cases that involve or relate to insurance.

UP provides direct services and advocates for consumers on the full range of insurance products and financial issues. The organization advances fairness and best practices related to insurance claims, sales and coverage (including but not limited to individual and group disability, health, life, long term care, homeowners, auto, commercial general liability, directors and officers, business owners’ policies, title insurance and ERISA).

A cy pres award to UP helps ensure that:

  • Disaster victims get help navigating fair, prompt and full claim settlements and maintaining forward momentum on their Road to Recovery.
  • Consumers get guidance and tools for getting their money’s worth when buying insurance, (through our Roadmap to Preparedness Program); and,
  • Insurance consumers have a respected advocate in courts, legislatures and regulatory forums across the U.S. and a voice in the media (through our Advocacy and Action program).

For more information about the benefits of directing cy pres funds to United Policyholders, please contact Executive Director Amy.Bach@uphelp.org, and Katie.Oliver@uphelp.org, or call 415-393-9990

To learn more about cy pres awards; see Cy Pres Awards Don’t Have to Be Complicated.

Thank you for your consideration, and your commitment to insurance consumers.