What’s behind your insurer’s brand curtain?

Brand names matter to consumers, and that includes insurance company brands.  Consumers seek out company names they recognize and associate with reliability, especially when insuring a home, which for most people is their biggest asset. As a brand name, Lloyd’s of London is generally very well known and trusted.  So thought an elderly couple that invested their premium dollars with that brand.

But after their home and possessions were destroyed by a volcanic explosion, this couple had to deal with an array of claim handlers, none of whom actually works for Lloyd’s of London. and a thicket of confusion over who is responsible for selling them a policy that isn’t compensating them for the loss of their home.  A cautionary tale, far from over:  https://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/2018/11/05/hawaii-news/leilani-insurance-lawsuit-hits-court/

United Policyholders will be back on the Big Island later in November (2018) to provide more in-person services to lava impacted home and business owners to supplement what we’re offering online.