Adjuster does not recognize Xactimate pricing jason angel asked 2 years ago
Adjuster does not recognize Xactimate pricing

The insurance adjuster is lowballing repair cost and said they do not recognize Xactimate pricing. Is there a law to challenge this ?

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Chris Rockers Chris Rockers Expert answered 2 years ago

Representatives for many insurance companies utilize Xactimate software to prepare repair or rebuild estimates. The objective for homeowners/business owners – and for insurance company representatives – should be to prepare accurate estimates capturing all required/necessary costs to return a home or building to its pre-loss condition. Xactimate is recognized by most carriers – yet Xactimate need not be used. An estimate is only as reliable as the individual who prepared it, based upon the individual’s construction experience, construction background, knowledge of the home or building that was damaged or destroyed, thoroughness, and proficiency with Xactimate, if used. States often have statutes that address proper property insurance adjustment practices – in Colorado, insurance companies are to consider estimates prepared by licensed general contractors on behalf of an insured. Both the insured and insurer should attempt to reach agreement on scope and costs.

As to another question – Is there a regulatory entity that makes pricing fair between contractors and insurance adjusters? Regulatory enforcement may vary by state. Pricing can frequently change for a variety of reasons, mainly supply and demand – however if the scope of repairs is accurate, pricing should not be a significant hurdle to overcome.