Claim Guidance – Furniture replacement Sylvia Nuss asked 1 year ago
Claim Guidance – Furniture replacement

The remediation company has recommended replacement of all 3 beds and 2 sets of Lr and Fr sofa and loveseats, I have gone to several stores in our area that can deliver in stock items vs order which would take 2- 3 months. We need the items sooner as the home repairs will be done in 5 weeks. We had nice furniture / not crazy expensive but decent quality. I have given the insurance itemized items / age / and approximate cost at time of purchase. If we don’t get furniture when our home is ready then insurance will need to pay for more time in our rental which is very expensive . How should we go about dealing with this? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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Robert Crown Robert Crown Expert answered 1 year ago

If you can get the temporary relocation company to furnish your home with “temporary furniture” until the replacement furniture arrives, the insurance company should be willing to pay for it. I don’t think your insurance company would necessarily be on board to have you stay an extra couple months just because your furniture order wasn’t able to be fulfilled. When in doubt, ask. If the insurance company pays you for replacement cost, and the costs you submitted were agreed to, they will pay you the full replacement cost they agreed to when you show you have spent an equivalent amount of money. If your order was made for an equivalent furniture item, for the same amount of money they agreed to, but the order cannot be made before your house is completed, can you go elsewhere to purchase it, and should the insurance company be obligated to compensate you because you cannot get the order fulfilled in time for your pending occupancy? That may or may not be the insurer’s problem, but again, ask the question to the insurance company and see if they’ll rent furniture for the additional time it will take to get the custom order fulfilled. Robert C.