Debris Removal United Policyholders Staff asked 3 years ago
Debris Removal

Regarding Debris removal: I thought that there were 2 buckets of money: one for dwelling/other structures debris removal and one for contents debris removal, both are 5% of coverage A & C, respectively, and you can get both buckets of money as long as you separate it on your debris removal proposal…Now my adjuster is talking about tapping into my “Home Protector” coverage. Is this a third bucket of money and if we tap into it, does it take away from something that I may need down the road? Also, I am not hearing about too many people taking advantage of their Contents debris removal bucket, why would that be?

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Chris Rockers Chris Rockers Expert answered 3 years ago

Policies, while similar in many instances, differ. Adjusters may also differ in suggesting limits and coverages that might apply. Some policies specify Debris Removal coverage is applicable for Coverage A with an addtional 5% available at the stated limit – other policies extend coverage to personal property; some policies reflect the cost must be incurred before payment will be issued – others don’t. Attempt to minimize costs to properly address required debris removal. You may be referring to an endorsement (USAA) which provides an addtional 25% of Dwelling coverage and costs for Debris Removal, if necessary, can be used from the addtional funds. This and similar endorsements allow the homeowner to utilize the addtional funds if the Dwelling limit on the Dec pages is not sufficient to rebuild the home, for increased costs to meet current code requirements. and/or debris removal costs. A homeowner should consider all options and understand all applicbale limits as to rebuilding or replacing the destroyed home before allocating additional funds to debris removal.