Denied Auto coverage kishore iyer asked 2 years ago
Denied Auto coverage

Hi There

I was in an auto accident. During the course of the diagnosis it came to my attention that there were certain parts in my car (Tesla) that were non Tesla.

Needless to say I notified my insurance company about any prior accident I was involved in. I’ve never been outside of the network.

Due to this the insurance provider has denied my claim.

I understand that the insurance provider is supposed to “make right” any and all defects that occurred through past claims and I believe that these non Tesla parts may have been through one of the previous claims

I’m looking for legal help to proceed. Any and all support/ information -welcome..

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Kelly Mannion Kelly Mannion answered 2 years ago

Hi Kishore,

Based on your question, it is hard to tell why the insurance company denied the claim.

It seems like it may be because you brought a claim against Tesla or others for injuries from the accident. UP cannot offer legal advice or determine whether your insurer could deny your claim because of another claim. You may want to speak to an attorney about whether the damages for the accident are separate from the damages you might be able to claim from others for the accident. UP has a find help directory:

Please take a look at UP’s website for more general questions about insurer obligations of “good faith” and insurer obligations.