Home insurance claim won’t pay out on stolen items Hector Munoz asked 9 months ago
Home insurance claim won’t pay out on stolen items

My house was broken into and the insurance paid out the damages to the structure but they are not paying me for the stolen items. At first they told me that I did not need pictures or receipts but now they are asking for pictures and receipts but a lot of these items are items I’ve had for years and unfortunately I never took pictures or saved the receipts. Any help from any of you guys would be greatly appreciated on what to do next. Thank you for taking your time and assisting me.

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Selina Clark Selina Clark Expert answered 9 months ago

Thank you for reaching out Mr. Munoz. We are very sorry to hear your home was broken into. From personal experience, I understand what you are going through. It is unfortunate that the insurance adjusters provided you with misinformation in the beginning. Any time there is a theft, policyholders are required to provide documentation of the items that were stolen. Your carrier has asked for photos and/or receipts. Depending on what items were stolen, would you or any family members happen to have a photo that was taken at a holiday gathering that would show the specific item? I know as homeowners; we do not go around snapping photos of our things in our homes. And then depending on the age of the item, would you happen to remember where you purchased the item? Was the item(s) purchased with a credit card/debit card? Again, depending on when you originally purchased the item(s), it may take some time, but it would be worth the effort to find any type of documentation to provide.

The insurance company has probably sent you a letter outlining “Your Duties After Loss” which is listed in all policies under the CONDITIONS heading. One of the duties the carrier requires includes ‘attaching all bills, receipts, and related documents that substantiate the figures in the inventory’.

There have been instances when the insurance company would accept a notarized proof of loss from a policyholder’s friend/neighbor/colleague. If anyone you know can confirm you had an item that you reported stolen, they could write a note/letter confirming you had that specific item. For example, if you had a bike stolen, and your neighbor has seen you riding that bike, ask that neighbor if they would be willing to write a letter stating such, and have it notarized. This in essence is a proof of loss.

Speaking from experience, I would encourage everyone to take photos, or even a video of their home and personal property items. So many folks don’t realize all the documentation insurance companies will require when a theft or other catastrophic event happens. Best of luck with your claim.