homeowners claim mrsday asked 12 months ago
homeowners claim

I was approved for an additional payment on my homeowner’s claim. I had two contractors one for carpet and one for vinyl flooring. The insurance company quoted an amount for the removal of debris for the carpet contractor. When I asked about the second contractor removal of debris payment I received an email lowering my payment “To attempt to alleviate the possibility of additional questions” after I sent the correct floor measurements.

Is this common practice?

Thank you

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Selina Clark Selina Clark Expert answered 12 months ago

This can be frustrating, especially when an adjuster does not explain their reasoning. If the initial adjuster had mismeasured and included more square footage than what you submitted, then yes, the carrier would adjust the estimate accordingly, which would cause a reduction in payment.

However, if the floor measurements were higher than what had originally been included on your carrier’s estimate, then that is an entirely different story. It would not be common practice for an adjuster to reduce your estimate without an explanation as to why. Each flooring contractor will have their own debris removal cost which would typically be calculated as a ‘pick-up truck load,’ unless you have a dumpster on the property that had been included in the estimate. All tradesmen would discard their debris in that dumpster if that were the case.

If the flooring measurement you submitted was more than what the carrier had included, then I would call your adjuster and have them explain their reasoning for the deduction. If you are unable to obtain an answer, then you can always reach out to your agent’s office who should be able to assist you with your claim.