Indoor testing Lynn Marie Hamsen asked 7 days ago
Indoor testing

I sent a proposal for about $4200 for indoor testing at my home following remediation after a fire in the basement. The insurance company refused to pay for it so I had the company (which is owned by Service Master) do modified testing that I paid for–about $1700. The tester used a chemical sponge to wipe the areas before he took samples to send to the lab. I showed him a pile of soot on the floor and he wiped it first before testing it so everything came up with no soot found. He only wanted to do things most home owners would ask for replacement, like the refrigerator, stove, furnace etc. He didn’t want to do the drywall which had obvious soot on it. He didn’t want to test the air either. I’ve been trying to find a different company to come out and test but I think my first company contacted them and told them not to service me because they all don’t follow through on my request. One sent me to a full mailbox, another has to check something with the lab first etc. etc. I’m not sure how to find an industrial hygienist who is willing to work for the homeowner rather than the insurance company. Any suggestions?