Insurance company says my loss is not covered Michael Maisler asked 2 months ago
Insurance company says my loss is not covered

On March 20 a highly rated roofing company (D&D Roofing from Sparks NV) began replacing the roof on my 2 story 4 plex apartment in Quincy, CA. They finished the job on Friday March 22. Within 12 hours heavy rain started and apt #4 was totally soaked. The roof is not flat and has two gulley/channels that run from one end of the building to the other. There are 6 openings in those two gulleys, that the roofers replaced, that connect to 6″ PVC pipes that go through the attic and connect to drain pipes that are attached to the exterior of the front and back of the building. They have been in place since the building was constructed 50 years ago. They were in place and have not leaked even after the same company replaced the roof 25 years ago. Apparently, when the roofers replaced those inlets one of the connecting pipes in the attic was knocked loose causing the flooding of the apartment. My insurance company, State Farm, claims that their policy does not cover this loss. I have filed a complaint with the Contractors License Board but their initial response doesn’t sound encouraging. Because of the presence of asbestos and soaked insulation and sheet rock repairs are going to cost 10s of thousands of dollars. Can you help me?

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Stacy Tucker Stacy Tucker Expert answered 2 weeks ago

Dear Michael. Apologies for the lengthy delay in responding to you. Unfortunately, your question isn’t really insurance-related. Your dispute is with your roofing company. It is unlikely to be covered by her homeowners insurance.

I am sorry I couldn’t provide you with an answer more helpful to your situation.