major repairs insurance cancelled policy Robyn Martin asked 9 months ago
major repairs insurance cancelled policy


My mom lives in a manufactured home in a park located in Chico, CA. The marriage line is separating and is causing major issues. Her roof now leaks due to a bad roof replacement. She does not have any money to do the repairs, and her insurance company would not renew her homeowners insurance. I filed a claim with her insurance over the roof. They repaid her for the cost of the bad roof replacement she had done. That was only $3,000.00 and does not cover the cost of a new roof. The marriage line has been separating due to the land under her home sinking. The park refuses to cover the cost. In the meantime the walls, ceiling and floors are separating. One of the beams under the house that holds the house up has fallen to the ground. I have looked for grants in the area. There are grants available. But, because she lives in a park in Chico, CA she is not eligible for any of them. The ceilings have water damage and I worried about black mold.

What can we do?

Please help

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Selina Clark Selina Clark Expert answered 9 months ago

Thank you for reaching out. I am so sorry to hear that this is happening to your mother and she is living in these conditions. From what you have explained, this is a very unfortunate situation. Since her carrier will not renew her policy, she will most likely not be able to obtain insurance again due to the condition of the home. You probably already realized this. As far as I know, all policies have an exclusion for earth movement, meaning the sinking, rising, shifting, expanding or contracting of the earth. With this being the main issue, it will only continue to worsen over time. Unfortunately, any monies that would be expended to make any type of repairs in an effort to make her home livable would be pointless. Again, I’m very sorry this is happening, but the sinking ground is the main culprit. If that could be remedied, then possibly a church group may be able to assist with some of the necessary repairs. If not, hopefully you can find a new home for your mother.