Negotiating renters insurance ALE JOHN LEON asked 1 year ago
Negotiating renters insurance ALE

According to the ALE portion of my policy, I am covered up to a certain percentage of my personal belongings (property) liability which is $32,000.00 total. So far, I have received $25,000.00 from my claim which leaves a remaining balance of $7,000.00 of my total liability coverage.

Based on, my landlord’s actions (not responding to my needs or for repairs to her structure), the additional insurance coverages for my son, hotel/rental expenses (average 3-$500 dollars a day) in Guam, the rising prices of gas, food and dining out, the possible lengthy duration of finding an adequate rental that will accommodate my disabilities (100% disabled with the Veterans and Social Security administration), and the fact I will be moving will most likely exceed the $7,000.00 left of my coverage.

Is it safe to ask my insurance company to make a fair settlement offer and a lump-sum payment on what’s left of my personal property (ALE) claim (7,000.00)?

According to my policy, these are the terms of the policy on how much they will pay me;

  • in the amount of the reasonable cost of temporary housing
  • shortest time required to complete the repairs
  • shortest period of time needed to permanently settle your household in new quarters
  • or until I have reached the policy limit.
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Selina Clark Selina Clark Expert answered 1 year ago

Thank you for reaching out Mr. Leon. First, we thank you for your service!

It never hurts to ask for the remaining policy limits, which in your case as you explained is $7,000. Depending on your insurance carrier, they may tell you the reimbursements are for costs actually incurred. Plead your case with the carrier. If your landlord could provide you with a letter explaining the timeframe for the repairs to be completed, that would help your case tremendously. Hope all goes well and you find a suitable place soon.