smoke ash and soot claim FRANCIS GOMEZ asked 1 year ago
smoke ash and soot claim

We have 11 properties in a small town and we filed claims on all our properties after all the California Mountain Fires. The first 4 homes all came back with contamination and they were paid out, then the adjuster stopped answering calls and would not respond. After a couple of months I looked on the insurance company’s website and it said all of our other claims were closed and no damage, without having had an inspection yet. I complained and they sent someone out and they made a report saying there was no damages–these houses are side by side. Could it be the insurance company just doesn’t want to pay and do I have rights?

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Robert Crown Robert Crown Expert answered 1 year ago

Hello Francis,

The simple answer is absolutely! Insurance companies have reached a new low when they simply ignore the due diligence portion of any claim, acceptance or rejection. If you are waiting for them to do something, you might as well be waiting for Godot.

Either with pictures and or some evidence of damage, you need to stipulate to the insurance company that they have dropped the ball and you’ll need them to either come out and inspect the damage or to respond to the evidence that you will be obligated to give them in order to reopen the claim. If you’re looking for a miracle pill, you might as well pretend you don’t have a claim to make because it’s not going to happen by itself, you’re going to have to demand that the carrier provide a legitimate denial and if providing evidence is not within your capability, to get them to confirm coverage, hire a forensic insurance estimator, and have them do it for you.  Don’t waste your money though if you can’t substantiate the damages based on physical evidence. In the meantime, you need to write a detailed letter about the other properties that have sustained damage and give them enough information to compel them to come back out and or reopen those claims. Good luck.

Robert C.