Tracking what the insurance company paid by line item in the personal loss inventory Bill Benoit asked 2 years ago
Tracking what the insurance company paid by line item in the personal loss inventory

Are the insurance companies required to provide an itemized list of what was paid for each line item in the personal inventory list and follow-up when receipts of associated purchases are provided?

State Farm has provided a confusing Payer Tracker Worksheet which doesn’t add up to the amount that they credited. I’m not sure why they paid for some items and not others even when we provided receipts of purchase to replace. How can I get them to provide a simple account of what they credited us for each line item?

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Bill Boulder Creek

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Stacy Tucker Stacy Tucker Expert answered 2 years ago

Bill, this is so frustrating, I know. And insurers very deliberately provide confusing information about payment to make it difficult to tie payments to individual expenses. Unfortunately there is no clear law requiring the format of how they communicate with you about their payments. However, they are required generally to provide you clear information and answers, and to do so within 14 days of your written request. Under California law they are not permitted to provide misleading statements about the benefits you are due under the policy. Cal. Ins Code Section 790.03 lists the types of communication that are considered to be misleading, and includes communications about settlement of claims. If they continue to refuse to provide the breakdown you request, you can make a complaint to the Department of Insurance. The Department will ask State Farm to provide an explanation as to why it has refused to provide you clear information to which you are entitled, and State Farm will be legally required to respond.