valuing family history Ann Brennan asked 2 years ago
valuing family history

Is there a way to value family history in my inventory? I had a trunk full of original family genealogy, correspondence, photos, ephemera, other memorabilia, mostly irreplaceable of course. Other than the cost of paper and reproduction for anything my family might have, is there any way to value this? For example, hiring a genealogist to track down what might be out there? I know the approximate volume of the trunk, so can estimate the approximate volume of materials.

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Chris Rockers Chris Rockers Expert answered 2 years ago

Most policies request/require an itemization of destroyed possessions to determine the replacement cost value. To receive benefits, it will be important to detail/list the types of possessions in the trunk – and while the carrier will likely request an approximate age for each possession, as collectibles/heirlooms/keepsakes, there may be no depreciation. If primarily correspondence/photos/records – it will be important to provide details and information as to how and where the family might be able to replace the possessions. If paper – a cost to reproduce may be acknowledged by the carrier and the carrier may assert it does not owe for the sentimental value. If other than paper, descriptions will be needed. Experts/consultants are able to provide supported estimates for unique possessions – but would need details. Masterpiece Appraisal Service and others are local to the Boulder area and may be able to assist. Regards.