Water Damage Claim Denied Andrew asked 1 month ago
Water Damage Claim Denied

Hi there,

I was recently denied a claim for water damage. I had found a significant amount of water in my home during a storm. The roof of my home had, within the same year, a roofer on it who proactively sealed an area with a vent. The roof was deemed sealed and safe by this professional roofer. This roof was relatively new (within the last 10 years), and has an inspection report from 3 years ago that supported that the roof was in good shape. There was no water in the home before this. In the conversations with insurance they said they don’t cover ill-maintained roofs.

My claim was denied as follows (in the insurance company’s words):

“The inspection found deteriorated and cracked sealant around the vent pipe on the roof. The inspector did not find any storm-related damage or openings in the roofing system caused by recent storms…the policy does not provide coverage for wear and tear, deterioration, faulty workmanship, or inadequate maintenance. For these reasons, we are unable to provide coverage for the damages to your property.”

We insure for sudden and accidental direct physical loss to property described in Coverages A and B except for damage caused by:

  1. Any of the following:a. Wear and tear, electrolysis, marring, deterioration;
  2. Losses excluded under General Exclusions.


F. We do not insure for loss to property described in Coverages A and B caused by any of the following. However, any ensuing loss to property described in Coverages A and B not excluded or excepted in this policy is covered.

  1. a.Faulty, Inadequate or defective; b. design, specifications, workmanship, repair, construction, renovation, remodeling, grading, compaction; c. materials used in repair, construction, renovation or remodeling; or d. maintenance; of part or all of any property whether on or off the residence premises.”

It seems the delineation between “deterioration” and “sudden” is blurred here. I had a sudden amount of (a lot of) water in my home and not previously, yet they have found a way to deny this claim. Any assistance to appeal this decision would be helpful.