Bach Talk – The Powerful Voice of Experience

A backbone of our Roadmap to Recovery program are the volunteers and staff members who got involved with UP to make constructive use of the knowledge they themselves gained while navigating the recovery process after a catastrophic loss.  Our Survivor’s Speak publication series, workshop speakers and Disaster Survivor Support Network volunteers offer wisdom and a brand of empathy and experience that money can’t buy.

I continue to be inspired and impressed by the generosity and motivation to help others that many disaster survivors exhibit.  Andi O’Connor – a UP volunteer who had to turn to friends and family for rebuilding help after finding herself severely underinsured after a total loss fire, gave this TED talk last year.  And UP’s newest volunteer; Leslie Wharton, is working on a book that will offer survivor perspectives on wildfire loss and recovery.

Fortunately, most people will never experience a serious enough loss to need our R2R program.  But for those that do, know that United Policyholders provides much more than just insurance guidance, we offer social/emotional recovery support as well.