Be ‘insurance assured’ as wildfire season approaches

These tools and workshops apply lessons learned by those who’ve lost homes in past wildfires, plus tips from leading safety and construction experts.
United Policyholders is a national nonprofit 501c) 3) organization that educates consumers on insurance matters with over 19 years of experience helping disaster victims navigate the insurance recovery process on their own and find the right professional, legal or government help.
The goal of UP’s Roadmap to Preparedness program is to educate property owners to be insurance/disaster prepared and take advantage of UP’s free tools to inventory property and store important documents safely. Two levels of workshops will be offered throughout San Diego County to empower people to avoid the insurance shortfalls that surfaced after past disasters:
“Insurance assurance: Does your safety net have holes?” How to make sure you have the right kind and amount of insurance, and what you can do to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way, whether it be an earthquake, wildfire or flood. Pre-loaded USB drives are distributed to participants. These include UPs’ “Preparedness Tips from the Trenches,” a UP Home Inventory spreadsheet with instructions, a sample completed inventory, and home insurance buying tips.
— “Do it now — don’t let your inventory flash drive gather dust) here’s how.” Hands-on workshop where participants can bring a laptop computer to work on their inventory or start a manual/printout inventory using forms provided by UP. Attendees are invited to bring insurance documents to be scanned onto USB/flash drives.
Support for these workshops has been provided through the generosity of donors to the San Diego Foundation and the American Red Cross.
UP will be providing these workshops in partnership with civic, faith-based, business and other nonprofit associations. UP is actively seeking local partners in order to reach the largest possible number of San Diegans and get the word out about the key steps to take to be “insurance assured.”
For more information or to schedule a free “Roadmap to Preparedness” workshop, call the UP office at 415) 393-9990 or e-mail Kaye Coates, the San Diego R2P outreach coordinator, at She is also the local contact for the UP Roadmap to Preparedness program.