Dropped by Your Home Insurer? Don’t Panic, Try Our Tips

If you get a “non-renewal” notice from your current home insurance company that says they’re not going to offer you a new policy when your current one expires, start shopping right away.  State rules vary as to how much notice your insurer must give you if they’re non-renewing you.

California law gives you 75 days, Colorado; 60, Massachusetts; 45, In many states, the law only requires your insurance company to give you 30 days notice.  Finding affordable home insurance takes more time than it used to, and UP is advocating across the country for longer notice periods.

If you are shopping for an insurance company that will adequately insure your home for a price you can afford, we recommend the following:

  1. Visit your state’s insurance oversight agency and see if they offer a shopping help tool.  Here’s an example of a very useful one.
  2. Find an experienced insurance agent who’s helped your friends, relatives or colleagues, or by checking online customer reviews.
  3. Read UP’s UPdated home insurance buying tips
  4. Shop patiently and diligently until you find the best option.