Sign up for Emergency Alerts

Ask any person who’s survived a disaster and they’ll give you solid preparedness advice. UP’s consumer guidance draws heavily on those insights.

And while survivors won’t all agree on what to have in your “go bag,” everyone agrees on the value of timely emergency alerts.

Signing up for local emergency alerts is a free and savvy way to be disaster-prepared.

Depending on where you live, you may need to sign up for more than one alert system.

One easy way to sign up for local agency alerts is through a service called “Nixle.” Text your zip code to 888777. Google both “Your City Name Emergency Alert Sign up” and “Your County Name Emergency Alert Sign up,” Get you familiar with local guidance.  California residents click here.

Check your cell phone notification settings to make sure your Emergency Alerts are on ~ they should be by default.

But wait! What if your phone dies or you leave it by accident when you’re evacuating? Communication plans often fail in times of disaster. So have a Plan B (and C, and D):

  • Write down loved ones’ phone numbers, keep the list in your glove box
  • Program your local news station into your car’s radio pre-sets
  • Download apps specific to your local hazards (Earthquakes) MyShake App, (Hurricanes and Flooding) National Weather Service, (Wildfires) Watch Duty
  • Digitize important docs and prescriptions and/or add them to your Go Kit
  • Freshen up your emergency water and food supplies

If you see a flyer or hear about a preparedness event or activities in your community, show up and plug in. Strong communities are an essential ingredient in resiliency!