Northern California Wildfires 2015 – Butte, Valley, Rocky

In this section you will find tips, tools and resources for recovering from a partial or total wildfire loss. Our main focus is on helping you navigate your insurance claim toward a full, fair and prompt settlement, but we also offer guidance on emotional recovery, debris removal, temporary living arrangements, government aid, construction issues, hiring professional help, and deciding how and if you will repair, rebuild or buy a replacement home.

In addition to what you’ll find here, you can use the search box and watch videos of Roadmap to Recovery™ post-disaster workshops.  If you’re insured with CSAA, Farmers, Hartford, State Farm or USAA, you’re entitled to a 4 month cash advance on ALE benefits and 25% of your contents coverage ASAP under a special agreement.  If your insurer is on that list, you should still ask for these advances.

PLEASE NOTE:  UP is a non-profit that does not charge for services.  If someone tells you they are with our organization and you can hire them for a fee, they are NOT.  You may see flyers for informational meetings about your insurance claim.  If they don’t have our logo, chances are they’re for profit.



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Here are some items to get you started putting one foot in front of the other on the road to recovery:

To view our full menu of resources or for more information on this program, visit the Roadmap to Recovery page. 

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