South Carolina Flood Help

If your home or business was damaged or destroyed in recent flooding, you can access guidance and tools through United Policyholders’ Roadmap to Recovery® program for overcoming challenges with property, flood and auto insurance claims and reaching a fair settlement.

Focus on completely inventorying and valuing all damage and costs to repair or replace your property, regardless of your insurance situation.   If your rental, home or business was insured for flood damage, there are some differences in how a flood versus a home insurance claim gets adjusted and settled, but many similarities.  You’ll find lots of information in our library, tips, videos and tools.  We’re rooting for your recovery and are here to help.

Key Insurance Tips:

  • Keep a diary of conversations with insurance, repair, government and other professionals.
  • Focus on drying/cleaning out, avoiding further damage, while getting all flood damage inspected, measured and estimated by qualified, reputable and independent experts.
  • Flood insurance policies have different rules than home insurance policies.
  • Start working on a detailed and itemized “proof of loss” form but don’t rush and leave things out.  You have until January 3rd, 2016.
  • Give your home and/or flood insurer a chance to do the right thing, but advocate for yourself and be prepared to get help if you’re not being treated fairly.  Sources of help include professional claim advocates and attorneys, FEMA, and to a limited extent, the South Carolina Department of Insurance. They has oversight over insurance companies doing business in South Carolina, but very little authority over the National Flood Insurance Program, (NFIP) through which most flood insurance is sold.  If you have an NFIP policy, the South Carolina Department of Insurance should still be helpful, but they may refer you back to FEMA.
  • If a home or flood insurance adjuster says damage isn’t covered, but you feel it should be, get an independent professional opinion before giving up on getting some or all of your claim paid.

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Additional Support Resources

Expert Answers to Your Questions:  The ”Ask an Expert” tool is an easy and safe way to ask direct questions to attorneys, claims professionals and previous disaster survivors who serve as UP volunteers and get the answers you need. The expert doesn’t see your contact info, but you can contact them if you want to follow up on their answer. To use the forum, please visit our “Ask an Expert” page here.

The Disaster Recovery Handbook/Household Inventory Guide:  Since 2006 “The Disaster Recovery Handbook and Household Inventory Guide” has been a trusted book that’s led thousands of people through the process of overcoming obstacles to repairing and rebuilding after a major loss.

Your Guide to Handling Flood Insurance Claims, by Samuel Bearman and Dennis Abbott. For a free copy of this book, please email a current mailing address to