Keeping UP – Bach Talk

Being a small non-profit has its upside:  United Policyholders is dynamic.  We don’t have layers of internal bureaucracy that slow us down when we want to respond to a disaster or make improvements to our programs, publications, and tools.  We are constantly enhancing our tips and tools with new information and feedback from our volunteers, experts, and the people we help.

During the Roadmap to Recovery workshop I led in Mountain Ranch, California this past week, we were reminded that not everyone has a smartphone, and many people still prefer the printed word and manual list-making to prepare their contents inventories after a loss.  Because we know this, we offer two main tools that help people create an inventory; One is an app that works best with a smartphone/camera, the other can be created on any computer or from a print out from any computer.

So this morning I updated our website library to make it easier for people to find the version that doesn’t require a smartphone.  And, I made our instructions for both versions simpler and more clear.  We keep UP.