Life (insurance) Lessons

Pandemic-related layoffs, furloughs and business closures have forced many Americans to tap retirement accounts and cut non-essential expenses to get by. If you’re experiencing financial hardship but don’t want your auto, home or life insurance to lapse, check the website of the agency that oversees insurance companies in your state, or use this link to see if there are any special COVID-19 related rules that could be helpful in negotiating with your insurer to keep coverage in place. Consider all options before letting your life insurance lapse. Especially if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19, it’s likely to be more expensive when you’re in a position to reinstate it.

If you’re considering buying life insurance now, we are pleased to announce a new resource launched with support from UP: The Life Insurance Consumer Advocacy Center. With life insurance, simpler is generally better. The more promised bells and whistles, (tax advantages, investment income) the harder it is to get your money’s worth, especially if you don’t have time research and read all the fine print. If an agent pushes you toward a universal or indexed life policy, chances are they’re looking to earn the high commission that insurers pay on those types of policies.

By publishing shopping tips and tools and advocating for fair and transparent practices in the sale of life insurance products, UP helps people avoid buying policies that are unsuited to their situation and goals.