Roadmap to Recovery: Getting Results

The North Bay wildfire recovery truly is a marathon – and we are all in it together.  We have passed the 6-month marker and are continuing on the road to recovery.

Our six-month survey results show the pace of recovery:

  • 80% of survey respondents have NOT settled the dwelling portion of their claim.
  • 60% of survey respondents have NOT settled the contents portion of their claim.
  • 66% of survey respondents report being underinsured on the dwelling portion of their claim.

The full survey results data show the claim and coverage issues the North Bay Fires survivors are facing are the same challenges that fire survivors before them have faced.  That’s why we are in Sacramento today (April 25th, 2018) weighing in on the Wildfire Survivor Recovery Blueprint Legislative Package.  UP worked with the authors to craft the bills and we will advocate for their passage for effective change for fire survivors.  We need to improve the catastrophe insurance claim settlement process and prevent systemic, recurring problems that create obstacles to getting back home.

We are also teaching fire survivors to be their own best advocates – and will continue to do so throughout the long term recovery.  Last night’s workshop in Santa Rosa was standing-room-only with over 400 fire survivors joined us for our April Roadmap to Recovery workshop where we covered: Collecting what you’re owed: Strategic guidance from an insider and an advocate.  For more information on future Roadmap to Recovery workshops, see 2017 North Bay Fires – Insurance Claim Help.