The Results Are In…

The bad news: Inadequate insurance and loss valuation disputes are slowing recovery from the devastating 2017 wildfires in Northern CA, according to UP’s most recent Roadmap to Recovery survey.

  • A full 6 months after losing their homes, 80% of survey respondents have NOT settled the dwelling portion of their insurance claims
  • 66% reported that their homes were underinsured by an average of $317,000

The good news: For some survivors, insurance companies are waiving inventory requirements and being more flexible than they have after past disasters.

These survey results are clear proof that we can and must improve the way insurers are handling catastrophe insurance claims in every state. UP is dedicated to this goal.

Our survey results are helping fuel passage of the Wildfire Survivor Recovery Blueprint Legislative Package in the CA legislature. UP is working hard to help get these pro-consumer bills enacted and overcome industry opposition and amendments that will dilute their value.

Meanwhile, we continue to provide direct help to disaster-impacted households. At a standing-room-only Roadmap to Recovery workshop last week, over 400 wildfire survivors got their questions answered on Collecting what you are owed: Strategic guidance from an insider and an advocate.

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