Using Social Media Strategically

Your insurance company likely uses social media to promote their feel good, “we’re here for you” brand. That’s their business strategy.

But if your insurance claim is not moving forward and/or you are being treated unfairly – it does not feel good. You need your own strategy!

One strategy to get your insurer’s attention is to post a carefully worded public comment about your problem on their social media channels.

When a policyholder posts about a claim problem, insurance companies often catch it right away and use a special procedure for responding to “visible” complaints. The key to posting as a strategy to gain attention and get results is posting a short, clear and strong message.

Here are a few reminders to make the most of this strategy:

  • Your post should be specific about their actions (or non-actions) that are problematic. Your goal is to gain attention and resolution of your situation.
  • Avoid venting–post facts, no profanity or personal attacks.
  • Highlight details that indicate conduct that violates your state’s fair insurance rules. An example: “My adjuster has ignored 3 calls and 7 follow-up emails for 37 days straight! My roof is leaking into my child’s bedroom!”  To review the rules in your state, visit our free State-by-State Claim Help Library.
  • Be sure to also file an official complaint with your State’s Department of Insurance.
  • Don’t exaggerate – your comments will be preserved and can re-surface if your claim goes into litigation.

For more on using this strategy to unstick your claim, read: Using Social Media to be the Squeaky Wheel.

UP thanks and acknowledges Sarah Parker of Parker Public Adjusting for her contribution to this Tip of the Month.