What a weekend!

The UP Team was out and about on Saturday participating in three educational events in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego.

In San Francisco, UP Executive Director Amy Bach and Staff Attorney Dan Wade joined the Consumer Attorneys of California at their Annual Convention. UP organized the speakers for the Insurance Law Program, including UP Ex-Officio Board Member Bill Shernoff, Current UP Board Member Christine Davis, Amicus project Volunteer Sharon Arkin, and local hero Guy Kornblum.

In Oakland, UP Program Coordinator Emily Cabral taught a Roadmap to Preparedness workshop for CORE (Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies).  CORE provides free emergency preparedness training for individuals, neighborhood groups, and community-based organizations in Oakland. The UP workshop covered how to make sure your insurance is enough to rebuild after a disaster, how and why to complete a home inventory, and lessons learned from those who have navigated the insurance claim process after disasters.

In San Diego, UP Disaster Survivor Support Network Volunteer Nancy Walery shared lessons learned in Recovery with a presentation to the San Diego Regional Interfaith Collaborative on partnering to support disaster recovery.  Her presentation included the importance of partnerships after disasters and how the 2007 San Diego fires Roadmap to Recovery program proved to be a model for long term support, coordination, and partnership.  Watch her presentation here.