With 15,000 Santa Cruz County homeowners being ‘non-renewed’ for insurance, anxieties grow as plans are hatched in Sacramento

When Scotts Valley Vice Mayor Derek Timm asked a crowd of about 100 how many had been dropped by their insurance or otherwise not renewed, nearly every audience member raised a hand. The crowd had assembled Tuesday evening for a forum at the Scotts Valley Community Theater, as notice of “non-renewal” of homeowners insurance policies swept through the area.

That issue of Santa Cruz County homeowners at risk of losing their insurance as companies move to not renew annual policies has reached a major dimension. More than one in seven homeowners in the county are in the process of being non-renewed, Richie Sayavong, an analyst with the California Department of Insurance, told Lookout. Sayavong, who spoke at Tuesday’s forum after earlier addressing county supervisors, said there are 15,000…

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