Young Adults May Have To Wait For Health Coverage

Young adults are one of the largest groups that lack health care coverage in the United States. With the new health care reform bill going into effect in a few months, dependents under the age of 26 will be able to be added onto their parents health care policy even if they’re married, have a pre-existing health condition or are no longer in college.
But some may have to wait an entire year to have health care coverage.
Colleen Dolan learned that after trying to add her 23-year-old daughter onto her policy two weeks ago. Dolan said she was told her employer she had to wait until the next enrollment period to add a dependent.
“Well that didn’t sound right because this is our open enrollment path period right now,” Dolan said.
Dolan then contacted CBS 5 ConsumerWatch and we found because the law doesn’t go into effect until September, employers that have an open enrollment period before then, don’t have to allow in dependents until next year.
Consumer advocate Amy Bach said parents stuck in an open enrollment gap should talk to their employer. “If you go to your employer and you make a good case and they’re willing to try to work something out for you it could happen,” Bach said.
About 30 percent of young adults are uninsured. Usually young adults become uninsured after graduating high school or college. The law goes into effect September 23rd, but some companies are offering affordable health plans.

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