Calif. Department of Insurance Offers Help to San Diego Fire Victims

The California Department of Insurance is extending a helping hand to residents affected by the San Diego fires. The agency, along with Consumer advocacy groups, United Policyholders and RB United, will hold sessions to help affected residents collect their claims. Reporter, David Nogueras has more.
Today through Saturday, insurance professionals will meet with policy holders in face-to-face sessions designed to help them navigate the sometimes bewildering intricacies of their policies.
Tony Signoreli is a Deputy Insurance Commissioner with the California Department of Insurance. He says that policy holders having trouble collecting from their insurance companies should bring all of their paperwork relating to their claim.
Signoreli: And have our experts go though those documents and answer their question and point to the specific policy provision that may apply to the issue or question they have so they can get their claim handled more efficiently and more quickly so they can rebuild more quickly.
Many the fire victims needing help received low-ball claims from adjusters or were simply under-insured.