2022 California Wildfires – Insurance Claim and Recovery Help

This library will help those affected by the Alex, McKinney,  Mill, Oak, Fairview, Yeti and other fires in California in 2022.

MARCH 2023 UPDATE: Home repair grants are available to eligible homeowners. Please see Government Bulletins and Announcements section below for details.

FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE: The May 15 tax deadline has been extended to Oct. 16, 2023 for disaster area taxpayers in California. For more information, visit the IRS disaster relief page.

Through our Roadmap to Recovery® program, you can access free, trustworthy help navigating the process of returning to a wildfire damaged area, repairing and replacing damaged and destroyed property, and collecting all available insurance funds. The CalFire Incident Report on the McKinney Fire can be viewed here. The incident reports for the Alex and Yeti Fires can be viewed here.  We recommend watching this Wildfire Recovery Orientation.  Although it was recorded in 2021, it’s current for today.

If your property is damaged or was destroyed, our guidance is here to help you get started on the road to recovery, make good decisions and keep moving forward.

United Policyholders is a non-profit organization that has three-plus decades of expertise in wildfire recovery and insurance claims. Our staff, disaster veteran and professional volunteers, and our public, private and non-profit partners can help lighten your load and give you reliable strategies, information and pearls of wisdom and support. We’re rooting for you and here to help. No strings attached. We don’t sell our services or provide one-on-one professional claim or legal help, but we offer honest, free and experienced guidance and links to reliable professional and government resources.

Below you will find short cuts to items in our extensive library of resources that should be most useful and relevant to your current situation.  Through our Roadmap to Recovery® program, you can access tips, tools and the straight scoop on insurance, clean up, contractors, lawyers, adjusters, avoiding ripoffs and mistakes, your legal rights and emotional support from people who genuinely care about helping you navigate successfully.

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Watch our FIRST STEPS AFTER A WILDFIRE video here.