2019 Kincade Fire – Insurance Claim and Recovery Help

Through our Roadmap to Recovery program you will find tips, tools and resources relevant to the Kincade Fire.  Our main focus is on helping you navigate the insurance claim and recovery process. We also offer guidance on debris removal, temporary living arrangements, government aid, construction issues, hiring professional help, and deciding how and if you will repair, rebuild or buy a replacement home.

Shortcuts to Helpful Resources

If your home has been damaged or destroyed, we are very sorry.  Please watch the First Steps After a Disaster video and make use of all the help our non-profit offers.  That includes videos of our past Roadmap to Recovery workshops in other wildfire areas,  a library of tipssamples and tools, and guidance from past disaster survivors.

If your home was spared but was exposed to extreme heat and smoke, please read our tips on Returning home after a wildfire: A post-evacuation checklist.  We offer specialized guidance on insurance claim issues related to proper cleaning, inspecting for damage, restoring healthy indoor air quality and repairing obvious as well as hidden damage.

Here are some items to get you started putting one foot in front of the other on the road to recovery:

Additional Info and Resources:

CDI Bulletin (11/20/19): Expedited Claim Handling Bulletin 
CDI Bulletin (11/5/19): Significant Insurance Claim and Coverage Laws

For more information on this program, visit our Claim Help Library